New Arrive Air Jordan 1 High CO.JP Midnight Navy Online Sale

New Arrive Air Jordan 1 High CO.JP Midnight Navy Online Sale


After its debut in Europe, Air Jordan 1 High CO.JP Midnight Navy will soon land in Asia and the United States, especially on November 14. But today, just about an hour ago, SNKRS seems to have sent access rights to selected users in advance, enabling them to purchase almost a week in advance. However, if you do not receive any notification, you are likely to be lucky and have to wait a while to protect your partner. From an aesthetic point of view, "Midnight Navy" pays tribute to the exclusive Japanese magazine published 20 years ago. The nominally cool hue is wrapped in high-grade suede, while the Swoosh logo and accompanying badge add a high-grade undertone of metallic silver. Then, build a white smooth leather base structure, a shade-matching midsole, and a brand design for the "Company.JP" insole.

The Adidas Superstar, dressed in his own Spider-Man suit, is preparing to host an interesting celebration for Marvel’s "Spider-Man: Miles Morales", which is "Spider-Man" The sequel appeared on the online game console nearly two years ago. As the name implies, the name is starring Miles Morales, and the younger team is given to the more experienced Peter Parker. The color scheme here exactly follows this point, instead of the usual red, white and blue, the upper uses a smooth black with red scheme, showing an ambitious hero image in the game. Both the silhouette and the outsole use bolder tones to match the spider phobia logo on the heel upper web. Looking forward, the three stripes of the unisex dress, the midsole, the shell toe and the lace unit.

Before music artists were regarded as equal to athletes by global retailers in the field of sportswear, three gentlemen from Hollis, Queens, and New York integrated hip-hop, fashion, New Release Yeezy Boost 350 and culture: operating DMC. As part of the adidas superstar's 50th anniversary celebration, this silhouette appeared in some laceless iterations as a subtle nod to the aggressive trio. However, on November 14th, Three Stripes launched a clothing and footwear product, undisguisedly rooted in the group’s sense of fashion and attitude. Round necks, satin school uniform jackets and fleece hoodies constitute some of the clothing options for the commemorative capsule, but the headline is undoubtedly shell toes. The size of these two products is expected to fit the whole family, but their "core black" and "shoe white" palettes are fresh. This pair of sports shoes marks a milestone achievement, their construction is closer to the original shape, and use high-quality leather uppers. The first couple is to commemorate the late jam master Jay: the portrait of this DJ replaced the traditional Adidas brand. Its co-star proudly boasted of running the DMC logo in the same place, while the red click to animate the heel label and contour accent of two options. The only unit gave up any nod to the legendary rap trio, and the tonal arrangement in favor has lasted the test of time. However, "fat" shoelaces are also included.