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Gypsy song Hop hop - Loli Phabay. BEAUTIFUL GYPSY CLIP

Mickey Mouse
Published on 21 Oct 2020 / In Music

⁣Gypsy song "Hop-Hop"
Gypsy songs can be listened to endlessly. They are filled with brightness, beauty, passion and love. And all because the Gypsies are a special nation for all. Many centuries of nomadic life became the incentive that helped create truly unique masterpieces. Long hikes, crossings, dark nights and dusty roads - all this required to somehow brighten up your life and tedious waiting. Therefore, a cheerful, bright and unforgettable song of a young gypsy made you smile, straighten your shoulders and believe - believe in a good future and a better life!
The song "Hop-hop" is filled with genuine emotions and feelings. She is forced to put aside all the prejudices, to leave squabbles and bad mood, completely surrendering to the fascinating dance and sensual voices of these gypsies. In gypsy songs, words never hide true feelings. Here you will not find veiled experiences, romantic, but restrained emotions - gypsies cannot hide their love, as well as other feelings cannot hide. It is the passion and temperament that make the gypsy people special and different from other ethnic groups.
This gypsy song tells about a free, free and a little whimsical girl who
dreams of a young and beautiful gypsy, of genuine passion and incredible experiences. Here you can feel all the power, power and full return to the sensual impulse!
In this magnificent clip, the sisters Maria, Elena and Ekaterina Fursenko show the full force of their talent - and not only the vocal one! The girls are incredibly beautiful, melodious, and they are unique, in their own manner of performance they were able to reveal new facets in this fun, unrestrained and beautiful song!

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