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Simply Three - Feel That Fire (Original Song)

Mickey Mouse
Published on 21 Oct 2020 / In Music

⁣Feel that Fire is our first single from our upcoming second original album, due to be released by the end of summer 2019. We have taken a new direction with our original music. As we performed our original music live from “Undefined” these past couple years, we felt that we needed a little more light-hearted feel to our originals. So we decided to write original music inspired by dance music - or more grooved-based one could say. Something that didn’t seem so serious. “Why so serious?” Right? We hope you guys like this new direction we are taking.

We shot this video in the same place where we shot Take Me to Church and Rolling in the Deep. We wanted to do something with a storyline, but we also wanted to keep it mysterious enough where we can build on this story for future videos. It is also one of our more VFX-driven videos. Shoutout to Paul DeNigris for doing all the VFX work on the fire trail shots. Most of the fire shots were produced after we shot the video, but the fire that’s in the hole when Nick was digging the hole was all real. It was a super windy day, and there is a shot where the fire swirls down into the hole and reveals the buried book - this was real and unplanned! It was one of those happy accidents. Pretty sweet.

Hope you all enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!

Directed by Simply Three.
Shot by Ovi Balc (http://mindmaze.net).
Fire VFX by Paul DeNigris (http://foxtrotxray.com).
Edited and colored by Zack Clark.

Written by Simply Three.
Engineered, recorded, produced, and performed by Simply Three.
Mixed by Jesse String.

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